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Aranmanai 2 Movie Actor and Actress Name List, Aranmanai 2 Movie Cast and Crew

Aranmanai 2 Movie Actor and Actress Name List

Aranmanai 2 Movie Cast and Crew:

Aranmanai 2 Movie Director Name – Sundar C.

Aranmanai 2 Movie Producer Name – Kushboo

Aranmanai 2 Movie Music Director Name – Hiphop Tamizha

Aranmanai 2 Language – Tamil

Aranmanai 2 Movie Release Date – 29 January 2016

Aranmanai 2 is an upcoming Tamil horror comedy film. Aranmanai 2 written and directed by Sundar C. The film starring Siddharth, Trisha, Hansika Motwani and -hmi (intro) in the leading roles, while Soori, Kovai Sarala and Manobala will be seen in supporting roles.The film’s soundtrack album and background score w- composed by Hiphop Tamizha.The album w- rele-ed on 27 December 2015. The music of Aranmanai 2. Independent singer Kaushik Krish.The project’s progress w- first officially revealed after Trisha had tweeted her involvement in the sequel and revealed that she would feature alongside Siddharth in the leading roles. Hansika Motwani subsequently also announced that she would work in Aranmanai 2.Poonam Bajwa w- later selected for the role. Soori w- selected – a comedian replacing N. Santhanam who w- part of first film. Kovai Sarala and Aadukalam Naren were also added to the c-t to portray supporting roles. Aranmanai 2 is announced to be rele-ed on 29 January 2016..

Actor and actress character name and real name list:

Hero Name: Sundar C – Raju, Siddharth – Shakti,

Heroine Name: Trisha Krishnan – Sunita, Hansika Motwani – Maya/Selvi, Poonam Bajwa – Radha

Vaibhav Reddy – Maya’s lover

Comedy Actors Name: Soori, Kovai Sarala, Sathish, Manobala

Radharavi – Jamindar

Raj Kapoor – Vellaikkara Durairajoo

Vinodhini Vaidyanathan – Ramya

Aadukalam Naren – Jamindar’s brother

Subbu Panchu – Maya’s uncle

Tamil movie Aranmanai 2 actor and actress character name and real name, Aranmanai 2 movie actor and actress cast and crew

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